I’m right now during, I think the most tropical journey I ever had, and unfotunately (or fortunately) beautiful views, lot of things to try, warm ocean, hot sun and very bad network make writing very hard. To make that a little clearly for you- some photos and short trip around Point in the Middle- Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico.

“Don’t say that it’s over. It’s just a new beginning.”

Today I have a little more time to sort a little all my thoughts, because of bad weather (what doesn’t mean cold here, of course) and plans that didn’t well good.

Yesterday I was asked, according to tradition, what am I thankful for? And I started think. Maybe it would be easier to say what I’m not thankful for.
For sure I’m thankful for my family that support me in every stupid and often childish idea.
I’m thankful for chance to make my dreams come true and for another world that welcomed me with open arms.
For health and life, for that I can give myself to all my passions, for possibility to travel, discover and try.
I’m thankful for fortitude, that saying to never give up.
I’m thankful for nature, that it haven’t let us harness itself.
I’m thankful for seas and oceans.

I don’t know how is with you, but I, when I feel smell of salt in the air, touch of waves on my feet, when I hear delicate lap of water, I know, that I was a fish in my previous life.

Ocean is giving me power, energy, will to discover, getting known. To live. Sometimes I have moments that I want it to engulf me. I want wave to take me in its arms.

If I lived in Ancient Greece, I’d be Poseidon’s preistess.

But, it’s enough nostalgia for today.

Maybe you have some questions? Some myths to check?

So far no bad day is AS bad and it can’t be waste. I’m waiting for a wave, boogie board is ready!







So, Nashville.
What can I say about that place? Despite that I spend there almost 50$ on one souvenire? (It was so beautiful that I even didn’t look at the price, but on cashdesk it was o little “oh”)

So, firstly, if don’t have enough power to read it to the end, Nashville in one sentence, actually verbless sentence:

Music live, Elvis Presley and country shoes.

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As I said it won’t be very chronologic blog, so now I’ll move to present.
At the end of September 2015 I’ve started, as everyone say, one of the biggest adventures of my life.
I’ve become Au Pair in the USA, I live in Denver, Colorado and I take care after two cute boys and one little dog.
What can I say now, after almost three months?
That I experienced something different.
I won’t say it was easy, sickness caused by different food, homesickness, longing for friends, which I still fighting with.
But I am, I live, I’m getting known new world and new culture. And I’m making my dreams came true.
What can I say about Denver?
City not big, if we take standards here. In New York, during Training School, they said me, that Denver lie by the mountains. During first week I haven’t seen any mountain, because of the storm and I was a little dissapointed. But when they showed themselves they were worth waiting for and I still can’t stop yearning when I see them.
What I have to say about are Red Rocks, which I had possibility to see during Run the Rocks. Thing that I have to say proudly was that I run about 3 miles in 45 minutes and I’ve never been running in mountains before.

What else was amazing so far was american Halloween, houses decorated like the best horrors, spider webs, tombsotones, skeletons and children knocking in doors and screaming “trick or treat”.
Besides, Pampkin Patch and my perfect pumpkin!

And Zombie Crawl. O mummy everyone should take part in that one day! Whole main street in zombies. And it wasn’t Walking Dead. So many amazing costumes and ideas, my favorite was zombie Barbie and Ken in boxes!


If we’re talking about costumes. I was listener or part of many conversations about the best Halloween costume. And I have to say that my favourite was very big guy dressed as Princess Leia and screaming to his girlfriend “you cannot leave Princess Leia alone in the corner!”.

What else I experienced during that time?

American camping. Oh yeees. Camping in Colorado. Mountains, high grass, camper, bonfire and Marshmillow’s.
Something that I saw in movies and experiencing that I felt like in movie myself. Fairy tale.

What could I say about Americans? They are much different people. Starting with “Hi! How are you?” on every corner, through “I love your shoes, when I was younger…”, ending with “Common, I will show you some great places!”.
They… Are always positive. Even if they are unhappy, they are still positive.
Or maybe I should wrote “you”? 🙂
But, what my teenager half realised with sadness, all handsome Americans  they had to take to Hollywood.  Because during my whole stay here I saw maybe a few of them. Even don’t know if all of them were Americans.

For now it’s all what I remember, but for sure you’ll see more posts about differences and american adventures.

If you have any questions, notes, or challenges, that I could try to do- write, comment. I’ll answer for sure.





I Am Sterdam

Honestly, I would like to order everything here with some chronology, but well..
I don’t like and order and chronology.

I can say that travel to Amsterdam was my the biggest adventure, so far. You can say that it’s nothing, you can say that it’s a lot, but first I’ll show it in numbers:

6, 2145, 48, 21, 4, 2, 515, 300+100


6 days of trip

2145 kilometers

48 hours in the car (or not)

21 stopped cars (something about 21, I don’t remember exactly)

4 crisises

2 places to sleep

515 taken photos

300+100 spend zlotys on whole trip (why “+” I’ll try explain later)


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By way of introduction

In a first post bloggers used to put some popular “about me” and I think I should start with that too, to show you in some way who I am.

So, two words about me. Firstly- I am pretty good liar, because it won’t be two words for sure. But, in that moment, I, signed below, would like to state, that on that blog you won’t read, if you wish to read, any lie. All of these stories are real events, informations and experiences. Despite my colourful imagination I’ll try to not vary them.

That blog doesn’t have special destination, it’s not about opinions or specific advices. I think it exist to show you somehow my life philosophy, that I think is close to many, many people. It’s also big act of resisting to lifestyle of lot of today’s teenagers, whose day plan look like: 1. School 2.Home 3. Sleep 4. Homework 5. Time for friend (alternatively) 6. Series/games until 3 am.
First question- how old are these people, that they need sleep during the day? 50? My little digression. But I’m leaving that to your personal consideration.

So at the beginning, one great general said- “Don’t say that it’s over, when you are still alive”.
Life is an adventure and it’s only up to you how exicting it will be.
So this is that blog about- about passions, that are changing our life in an adventure.

And, like I promised, about me:
I am a dreamer, travel kid and passionate user of good movies. I eat books for kilograms and I love sweets.
I hate boredom, monotony, I love discover and trying new things, and I think this is where my adventures come from.
Simply, maybe you can even say, usual?
I can say now- I am not usual. None of us is. Everyone has his own view, ideas and oddities.
And I want to write about what I love and what makes that I feel that I really live. You can say that it’s boring. Stupid. Risky.

There is no fun without the risk.

I am waiting for all digressions, considerations, words of criticism or recognition and all corections about my english mistakes.
Or maybe you would like to share your adventures?