Chasing photo of my life

I did it!
Yes I know, because of title you probably think that I took photo of my life. Well… No.
I started writing that post!
I’ve been siting to start for last three days and I couldn’t sit.
But now I am, I’m writing and I hope there will become nice and snappy post.

What about photo of my life? I will leave that to your assessment. I took a few (200) good and couple (10) very good photos, but I don’t feel if I can call any of them photo of my life.

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That phase

I know, that I’ve been a little lazy recently. Actually like usually.

But now it’s time for new post and another one that is being created right now.

Do you also have moments in your life, when if you’re not doing anything for a long time, you’re not traveling anywhere, you don’t see anything new, you start getting crazy? When you need to disappear or you need the ground to open up before you punch someone? Or you just want to lie on a bed and thinking about difficulties of life?

Or is it only me?

Yeah, I have these moments and that time in my accident takes about 2-6 weeks, it depends how interesting they are.

And that time is now.

Now I have possibility to go somewhere and nothing will stop me. That I don’t have companion or money, won’t stop me. That my knee seizes up every second step, my motel is 1,3 miles from the town and it’s winter will not stop me.

Yes, I’m stubborn.

People say faint heart never won fair lady.

So, right now I’m sitting in Greyhound Bus, on my way to Glenwood Springs, and waiting to see beauty of Colorado.

Wish me good luck.



PS.: Yes, I used word “motel”. On photos it looks like one of these that are good places for horrors, but much more sweet. Let’s see how creepy it will be.