Have I ever said that I’m a person who likes trying new things?
So I’m telling you now. Every play, sport, or any other activity could have something what we will like, or dislike. But like my family has been saing a propos food- how can you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried!

So, in terms of that ¬†February was for me new experience-rich month. Starting with my first improv class, what I have to say brought lot of laugh and satisfaction. Through snowshoeing, what can be hard when you’re pulling sleigh with a child up the hill at least 45 degrees gradient. Further, tubing that brings lot of happiness, specially when it starts to spin you on pretty steep hill. For a moment I saw and even was part of apres ski party, it’s a fair cop I was looking for handsome snowboarders. And finally what is connected with last point, I checked one point from my “to do before you die” list- I took my first snowboard lesson ‚̧

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