Colorado State: Heaven for outdoor enthusiasts

Colorado State: Heaven for outdoor enthusiasts

“The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days” ~Paulo Coelho

Colorado, well… Who’ve been here knows. That’s heaven for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. You can do here everything- starting with little hikes, mountain biking, going through kayaking and white water rafting, ending with more “extreme” like for example backpacking or rock climbing.

And of course, thing that I will focus on today: 14ERS(for those who don’t know, Rockies- Rocky Mountains are a major mountain range in western North America, peaks reach 14 000 ft, those mountains are called colloquialy “14ers”)

In that post I want to share my little experience with 14ers, say something about trials I did and give you a little guide, after what I’ve heard, read and experienced.

As I wrote, “little experience”, I’ve done three 14ers so far, but that was enough for me to fall in love with high mountains and go deeper into whole mountaineering staff.

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