It’s good to be home

This time I won’t tell you about big adventure, but about big trip for me and myself. And well I need to finally say something nice about my own country!

Maybe not really say, I don’t have a lot to say, maybe more I will show you but… Anyway I made it, I finally went home after 8 months, I spent hundreds of dollars on ticket, but I had to see my family and my dog! And I was also tired of tens of messages from my friends when I finally gonna come….

So I bought plenty of gifts, because well I’m traveling from USA, how could I not to bring anything for everyone end on 23rd of August I got on Lufthansa’a Boeing 747-700 (2 floors motherfu***r) ready for 10 hours flight, but excited that I have only one landover. I found REALLY good flight. So here’s my first tip- whenever you fly over the ocean fly with Lufthansa, they are fast, easy, their food is good, they are really good ariline. Excluding that wherever you are they speak to you in German, without bothering themselfes and trying to speak English….

But after 3 movies, two meals and hundreds of metres of walking on the airplane I got home, I saw my family and I hugged my dog (who actually seemed to not realize I was gone). I swimmed in the sea, met my friends, legally got drunk, ate in my favorite restaurant (here’s a second tip- if you’ll ever be, by accident or purpose, in Sopot, Poland and like asian food go to Tandoori on Grunwaldzka Street, A-MA-ZING). It was GREAT, GREAT week. Unfortunatelly only week. But I’m positive, I WILL be back and then for longer.

For my mum’s birthday we went to Wladyslawowo, it’s a city on peninsula for camping and this is where my photos come from.

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