My California Dream= BIG SUR

My California Dream= BIG SUR
If I’d ask you now to close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself the ocean, what would you see? Would you be on the boat or on the land? If the second one, would it be a beach or high cliff?
I would like to answer you that question with my vision, my little dream I had in my head since I was a child.

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San Francisco in 24 hours

To get to San Francisco from East you drive through the bridge.
To get to San Francisco from North you drive through the bridge.
If you’re going South or from South you’re good, no bridges.
Cuz man, those are loooong mother******s.
I have to say, I was the one who drove on the bridge when we were entering San Francisco from Yosemite. That was my first time taking bridge like that as a driver, it was adrenaline, I was driving and I had all those pictures from movies like Spider-Man, Fantastic Four (yeah, I know those two are in New York), X-men, Godzilla, in my head. So I’m just sitting there and thinking “All monsters from around the world, please don’t destroy or attack that bridge just yet, please, please…..”.
And you need to pay to drive through that 5$! 5 bucks for a possibility of death according to Hollywood.


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