Rock Climbing 101

My last trip to Moab marked half-year anniversary of my relationship with climbing [just realised]. I also took another step in my career, which is signing up for membership in a climbing gym. So I finally decided to write those two coming posts. (Yeah, gotta say I’ve thought about it good few times before, but I think I wasn’t ready).

What I see is very common with people who want to start climbing is struggle, mostly, with fear [I’m not talking here about aliens, like myself, who aren’t really concerned about danger around them]; or/and aren’t sure what to expect.

So my main reasons for writing this particular post are to introduce rock climbing a tiny bit, to make it a little less mysterious, and to incourage you to give that wonderful sport a shot.


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San Francisco in 24 hours

To get to San Francisco from East you drive through the bridge.
To get to San Francisco from North you drive through the bridge.
If you’re going South or from South you’re good, no bridges.
Cuz man, those are loooong mother******s.
I have to say, I was the one who drove on the bridge when we were entering San Francisco from Yosemite. That was my first time taking bridge like that as a driver, it was adrenaline, I was driving and I had all those pictures from movies like Spider-Man, Fantastic Four (yeah, I know those two are in New York), X-men, Godzilla, in my head. So I’m just sitting there and thinking “All monsters from around the world, please don’t destroy or attack that bridge just yet, please, please…..”.
And you need to pay to drive through that 5$! 5 bucks for a possibility of death according to Hollywood.


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California National Parks: What you should know when visiting during the winter?

Cold. Wet. Oh cold. Oh, my shoes are wet. Oh, I’m cold.

For all of those who (like my family) when they hear California think about hot sun and beach:

Well, that’s not like that. California is huge. It’s bigger than my home country. And has at least 3 types of climate.

January in the mountains? It does snow, it’s not always sunny and the temperature there is around 30°F (°C).


One of the cute roads in Yosemite


[Just wanna say at the beginning, everything that I’ll write is for  greenhorns/ tourists who during the trip to the coast will decide to see fe.: one of the most famous National Parks which is Yosemite.
Those of you badasses who go there to do some winter hiking, prepared and geared with gaiters, mountaineering boots, poles and everything else- I’d love to hear some of your stories, but you probably won’t find out anything new from that post.]

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“We’re crazy” The story how I camped on frozen lake for NYE 2016

“We’re crazy” The story how I camped on frozen lake for NYE 2016

-Okay, now take off your shoes and put them inside your sleeping bag. 
-What?! Can’t I just leave them here?
-Sweetie, they’ll freeze… 

The thing you need to know about winter camping? Better have a sleeping bag big enough to fit all your stuff inside, if you want to use them again the next day.

The only thing we decided to keep warm were our new mountaineering boots. Well, hell yeah, they were bought the same day, we had to take care of those babies. Who cares about snow pants, jackets, fuel or hmm.. water. That even freeze?

Yes, it does.

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Big Apple- essentials of New York

Big Apple- essentials of New York

“There are many apples on the tree, but only one Big Apple”

Why NYC is called Big Apple I found out recently, already after the visit in the city. It all started with one journalist, who was using word “apples” for writing about racing courses.


Actually, it was after two visits when I finally found out why The Big Apple, because I have to say during my stay in the United States I visited New York City already twice.

The first time was when I was leaving for four days on the campus of St. John’s University on Long Island for my Au Pair Training School. Sounds cool, if not the fact campus was 2,5 hours away from Manhattan and we had “classes” from 8 am until about 7 pm… Well, at least for few days I could “be” an American student hehe.

The second time was caused mostly by my homesickness, I’ve met my family in New York. During that trip, for the first time, I could  try the most famous invention of XXI century, which is Selfie Stick.


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It’s good to be home

This time I won’t tell you about big adventure, but about big trip for me and myself. And well I need to finally say something nice about my own country!

Maybe not really say, I don’t have a lot to say, maybe more I will show you but… Anyway I made it, I finally went home after 8 months, I spent hundreds of dollars on ticket, but I had to see my family and my dog! And I was also tired of tens of messages from my friends when I finally gonna come….

So I bought plenty of gifts, because well I’m traveling from USA, how could I not to bring anything for everyone end on 23rd of August I got on Lufthansa’a Boeing 747-700 (2 floors motherfu***r) ready for 10 hours flight, but excited that I have only one landover. I found REALLY good flight. So here’s my first tip- whenever you fly over the ocean fly with Lufthansa, they are fast, easy, their food is good, they are really good ariline. Excluding that wherever you are they speak to you in German, without bothering themselfes and trying to speak English….

But after 3 movies, two meals and hundreds of metres of walking on the airplane I got home, I saw my family and I hugged my dog (who actually seemed to not realize I was gone). I swimmed in the sea, met my friends, legally got drunk, ate in my favorite restaurant (here’s a second tip- if you’ll ever be, by accident or purpose, in Sopot, Poland and like asian food go to Tandoori on Grunwaldzka Street, A-MA-ZING). It was GREAT, GREAT week. Unfortunatelly only week. But I’m positive, I WILL be back and then for longer.

For my mum’s birthday we went to Wladyslawowo, it’s a city on peninsula for camping and this is where my photos come from.

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